Allied Families

The following allied families are in our direct McCallum ancestry:

* McCallum of Belfast & Bangor, County Down and Omagh, County Tyrone;

* Woods of Bangor & Newtownards, County Down, Ireland;

* McAlpin of Ballycarry, Templecorran (Broadisland) Parish, County Antrim, Ireland.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Eliza Woods, Newtownards, Down, Ireland 1901 Census

Eliza (McAlpine) Woods remained in Newtownards, County Down after her husband Dr. William Woods' death in 1869.  She shows up on the 1901 Ireland Census.  Her home is listed as house 23 on Great Francis Street.  The house she lived in is still standing, and in September 2000 was a dentist's office below and a tea room above.  
Dr. William and Eliza Woods house, Frances St., Newtownards, Down.
Presently "Temptations" tea room upstairs and optician downstairs.

Frances Street, circa 1900.  The Woods house is second on the left.

Also, note that her birth place is listed as County Antrim.  We know from her marriage record that she was from Ballycarry, Antrim.

1901 Ireland Census, Great Francis Street, Newtownards, Down

1901 Ireland Census, Great Francis St., Newtownards, Down - Resident List

1901 Ireland Census, House 23 detail - Eliza Woods

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

John McCallum, Financial Secretary National Education

I recently discovered proof that our Daniel McCallum, Manager of the Gas Works in Omagh, was father of John McCallum, Financial Secretery of National Schools of Ireland.  While perusing the Gas World periodicals, the article below mentions that Daniel needed to quit his position as President of the North of Ireland Association of Gas Managers due to the death of his son in 1892.  This son was indeed John McCallum, who died 21 March 1892 at Dublin.  John was born about 1843 and is buried with his wife at Tullyallen Presbyterisn in Armagh.  Finding his birth will help us locate the family origins.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Daniel McCallum and brother James McCallum, 1869 Examinations for Science

Daniel McCallum (b. 1853) and James McCallum (b. 1855) were the sons of Daniel McCallum (1820-1898), Manager and Engineer of the Omagh Gas Works.  Both were studying to be engineers like their father.  The Irish Examinations for Science in 1869 show that they both had taken exams in Mathematics and Acoustics, Light & Heat.  James was 13 years old and Daniel was 15 years old. 

James McCallum, First Stage Mathematics Exam, passed with 2nd Class Merit

Daniel McCallum, First Stage Mathematics Exam, passed with 3rd Class Merit

James and Daniel McCallum, First Stage Acoustics, Light & Heat Exam, passed with 2nd Class Merit

McAlpin and Stevely marriages in Templecorran Parish, Antrim, Ireland

Our ancestor Mary Stevely Woods was born at Newtownards, Down in 1860, to William Woods and Eliza McAlpin.  We know that her parents were married at Templecorran Parish:
  • William Woods, son of John Woods (farmer) and Eliza McAlpin, daughter of Edward McAlpin (farmer) were married on 9 January 1852 at Templecorran, Antrim, Ireland.
From the marriage records of Templecorran Parish (also known as Ballycarry and Broadisland), Antrim, Ireland, we find the following information:
  • Mary Ann McAlpin, daughter of Edward McAlpin, married 5 July 1847, to Edward Stevely, son of John Stevely. 

This is most likely the sister to our Eliza McAlpin, and it follows that Eliza named her daughter Mary Stevely Woods after her sister, whose married name was Mary Ann Stevely.

Research on the McAlpin and Stevely families of Templecorran has been sparse, however, I been able to find the following additional marriage records:
  • Rachel McAlpine, daughter of Robert McAlpine, married 27 Sep 1853, to Robert McQuilland, son of John McQuilland.
  • Eliza McAlpin, daugher of William McAlpin, married 17 Jan 1855 to Thomas H. Dickson, son of William Dickson.
  • Mary McAlpin, daughter of Samuel McAlpin, married 22 Mar 1855, to Thomas Davison, son of John Davison.
  • Jane Stevelly, married on 31 Dec 1845 to William John Grey.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Daniel McCallum - Manager, Engineer & Secretary of the Omagh Gas Works

Daniel McCallum (VI??, b. about 1820/21) was the father of Daniel McCallum (VII??, b. 16 Sep 1853, Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland).  We do not know where he was born.  The first confirmed record of him is as the Secretary and Manager for the newly established Omagh Gas Company in 1850.  He work for the Omagh Gas Company from then until his death on 28 May 1898. 

His role was primarily the Mangager and Engineer of the Gas Works, which was located at Spillar's Place, on the south east side of Omagh.  Above the offices were his lodgings where he and his wife Eliza raised their family.  The building no longer exists. 

Daniel McCallum was well known in his professional circle and was a member of the North of Ireland Gas Engineer & Manager Society.  In August of 1892, he was elected President of the Society.  In August of 1897, the Society held their annual convention in Omagh in his honor.  He died the next spring.

Below are some excerpts from various directories and associate publications that mention Daniel McCallum of Omagh:

1880 Director of Gas Companies - Ireland, Daniel McCallum of Omagh

1890 Ulster Towns Directory, Daniel McCallum - Omagh Gas Works Secretary & Manager

North of Ireland Association of Gas Engineers, 1891 Proceedings
1897 Ulster Towns Directory, Daniel McCallum, resides Spillar Place

1897 Directory of Gas Companies, Daniel McCallum - Engineer & Secretary, Omagh, Tyrone

1899 North of Ireland Gas Engineer Association, mention of D. McCallum death (1898)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Daniel McCallum, Solicitor in Belfast and Bangor, Ireland

Our ancestory Daniel McCallum (1853-1910) practiced as a Solicitor in both the City of Belfast, County Antrim and in the town of Bangor, County Down.  We find him listed in the city directories as shown below.  Also, Daniel McCallum served as Town Commissioner in Bangor as well. 

1887 Belfast Street Directory, Daniel McCallum, Solicitor 60 Donegall St.

1890 Belfast Street Directory, Daniel McCallum, Solicitor 60 Donegall St.

1892 Belfast Street Directory, Daniel McCallum, Solicitor, res. Bryansburn House, Co. Down

1895 Belfast Street Directory, Daniel McCallum, Solicitor 60 Donegall St., res. Oriel House, Bangor

1895 Ulster Towns Directory - Bangor, Daniel McCallum, Town Commissioner, Oriel House

1896 Belfast Street Directory, Daniel McCallum, Solicitor 60 Donegall St., res. Oriel House, Bangor

1896 Ulster Towns Directory - Bangor, Daniel McCallum, Town Commissioner

1897 Belfast Street Directory, Daniel McCallum, Solicitor 60 Donegall St., res. Oriel House, Bangor

Daniel and Mary McCallum family, 1901 Ireland Census

In 1901, we find the Daniel and Mary McCallum family at two different locations in Belfast, Ireland. 

Mary and the children are living in East Belfast at Creadlin Avenue, Pottinger, Holywood.  The Millar family is listed as visitors; I have not been able to determine their connection to the family.  

1901 Ireland Census, Creadlin Avenue, Belfast, Down

1901 Ireland Census, Mary Stevely Woods McCallum and children

Daniel is boarding with the McCracken family at house 17 on Salisbury Street, Upper Belfast, Shankill.

1901 Ireland Census, Salisbury St., Belfast, County Antrim

1901 Ireland Census, Daniel McCallum - solicitor